Romila Training enables a range of care and community settings, to obtain a yearly license to deliver fun, upbeat and engaging chair based dance sessions in house – delivered by your own staff.

The license is with each setting itself and the person of authority within each organisation, can choose the number of staff they would like to put forward.

All training takes place via an online platform to cater to our hectic lifestyle needs and to each individual’s learning ability. Each setting receives step by step videos, supportive templates, engaging music, a range of props and a t-shirt.

For each individual to become Romila Training approved, they will be required to have a good understanding of the English language and literature, in order to complete the online Romila Training CPD course. An individual login will be provided for each member. The Romila Training course is highly informative and it is formed by 10 modules. Below you can see the topics covered within the Romila Training CPD course.

Once the course has been successfully completed, the Romila Training approved staff can begin spreading the fun!


Module 2

Benefits and importance of exercise

Within this module, the learner will gain a deeper understanding on the importance of exercise for the frailer and more vulnerable adults.

Module 3

Promoting mental and social stimulation through Romila Training

Within this module, the learner will be subjected to the social and mental obstacles that can prevent participants from partaking in exercise. In addition, the learner will be presented with effective ways, to help each participant become more acceptant to the Romila Training sessions.

Module 4

Applying health screening procedures

Within this module, the learner will explore key practises required, in order to guarantee the safety of all participants within a Romila Training session.

Module 5

Goal setting with participants

Within this module, the learner will obtain a good understanding in the importance of utilising effective planning strategies, for the meaningful succession of a Romila Training session.

Module 6

Eliminating risk in the Romila Training session

During this module, the learner will know the importance of safe practice and will explore ways to minimise risk and potential hazards, in order to prioritise the health and safety of all individuals involved.

Module 7

Information on Romila Training session structure

During this module, the learner will gain a thorough understanding on the importance of key components required for the efficient delivery of a Romila Training session.

Module 8

Romila Training effectiveness procedures

In this module, the learner will gain in depth understanding of the fundamental requirements needed, when delivering a chair based dance session. The learner will explore topics such as recommended frequency of the sessions, advisable participation numbers, appropriate seating positions and more, in order to implement these aspects in their own delivery.

Module 9

How to deliver a Romila Training session effectively

In this module, the learner will explore a plethora of best practices for when delivering Romila Training, such as the correct execution of a movement, what to say and do when delivering the sessions, as well as key muscle groups being triggered during a Romila Training session.

Module 10

Motivating your participants

In this module, the learner will gain comprehensive tips to ensure the participants are consistently engaged and willing to actively partake in a Romila Training session.

Module 11

Use of feedback in a Romila Training session

In this module, the learner will understand the absolute necessity of acquiring feedback, the importance of self –evaluation and tactics to consistently adopt, in order to continuously progress and make a success of all Romila Training sessions.


Online Video Footage

Supportive Templates and Documents

Romila Training T-shirt

Fun Packed Music in a Form of a CD Received Every Three Months


Year Round Support


You will find below examples of settings who can easily deliver the Romila Training programme:

Care homes and Nursing Homes

Community centres, Leisure Centres, Gyms

Sheltered Housing

Home care Providers

Retirement villages and Assisted Living

Exercise referral Schemes

Romila Training can easily be adapted to suit a range of venues and Participants needs and as a result, welcomes all suggestions.

If your setting is not listed, get in touch and we will happily work with you.


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