How Romila Training came about

Romila Training derived from Romila Wellbeing. Romila Wellbeing is the sister company to Romila Training and has been operating since 2013, whilst delivering fun chair based dance sessions to hundreds of care homes, sheltered housing and retirement villages, across various parts of the UK.

Romila Wellbeing was founded by Natalie, and was only originally delivered by Natalie in the region she was based in. The popular demands for Romila Wellbeing kept coming in and Romila Wellbeing continued to grow.


As a result, Natalie took on more qualified Instructors in various locations, in order for more homes to truly enjoy the benefits. The Romila Wellbeing sessions, have been highly successful due to the lively, fun, party like atmosphere the sessions create. As the Romila Wellbeing sessions continue to grow, Romila Wellbeing has had constant requests to be delivered on a more regular basis, due to the great impact it consistently has on the participants. Due to the high demand from care home staff and managers, Romila Training was created. All Romila Training sessions have been tried and tested from the success of Romila Wellbeing.

The aim of Romila Training

The aim of Romila Training is to continue to enable larger numbers of our growing elderly population, to experience a healthier –fun packed quality of life on a regular basis.

What a better way to do so , than allowing for the staff who are in daily contact with their service users, to strengthen their relationships though the magic of Romila Training!

Who is best to deliver Romila Training

The Romila Training programme is double the fun and the effectiveness when delivered by the right individual!

Below are some suggestive examples of positive attributes that would help make a great Romila Training instructor:


Lively and energetic



Keen to please others


Good sense of humour

Bubbly personality

Infectious personality

Willingness to do the programme

Past exercise experience

Always looking of ways to improve

Shows commitment

A bit about Natalie


Natalie developed a great desire for dance from a very young age and continued to do so in her teenage years.


Natalie was determined to become a dance teacher and eventually went onto obtaining her Dance Degree. Being very ambitious, Natalie pursued further qualifications to become as highly qualified as possible.


Throughout her career, Natalie has taught in many schools as a full time dance teacher and lecturer, to students ranging from Primary School age, up to delivering dance at GCSE, A LEVEL and eventually became the head of BTEC National Diploma in Dance at a Performing Arts College just in her 20s.


When Natalie is not orchestrating Romila Training, she enjoys resting whilst on holiday